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L’Amour Fou

Friday afternoon in Paris was spent at Le Petit Palais. Cause I finally got the time to visit the very much hyped Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition. Which, was far better than I expected. Actually quite fantastic rather. Thank you Paris for never disappointing me when it comes to fashion. Did I really expect the exhibition to be bad? It’s fantastic how they managed to collect so many of his works. All thanks to his life long partner Pierre Bergé.

The exhibition covered all his different periods. From his break through with the safari jacket and the trousers, his obsession with the female version of the tuxedo, his love to art and the artists, his respect for women and the collaborations with some icons, the scandals and so on. That was the beauty of Yves Saint Laurent, his capacity to change direction and try different styles constantly. Renewing himself and his couture house.

For those of you who really wanted to see this exhibition but didn’t get the chance. Check out the website HERE instead, they have a sort of smaller version of the exhibition online with some of the iconic dresses and suits.

A safari inspired jumpsuit.

Creating a silhouette for the eighties.

Inspired by artist such as Pietr Mondrian.

The line was constantly long. So it was before I left Paris too. I wonder how many people who actually visited this exhibtion. Fortunate for me I only had to wait for half an hour, while I know others who waited for four hours. Popular guy that YSL.

Speaking of Pierre Bergé. There is a new documentary called ‘L’Amour Fou’ coming about Yves Saint Laurent. It’s Pierre Bergé who is being interviewed speaking about his love for his partner and the difficulties they had with each other. Since Yves Saint Laurent periodically had depressions and drank a lot. It’s said to be a very personal and touching documentary so I can’t wait until it’s out. Watch the trailer below.

[youtubeplay id="eEMivxmEYeA" width="720" height="580"]

Of course they had to display it with an Hermès bag

So, what yo0u perhaps didn’t know about me is that I sometimes can be a real nerd. As a child I loved to read about animals, the universe, the human body, the nature. Then later came politics, fashion, architecture and design, history, diseases… you know things we like and read about when we grow, so we grow.

One of the things I love is museums. I could be there from when they open in the morning until they close in the eveningm if I would choose myself. But it has to be good. Of course. They aren’t always good. So, on our first day we needed to fill up with our doze of culture and knowledge and what is not better if not a museum? The Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle became our knowledge scene for some hours. I liked it. Didn’t love it, it was just okay. I loved the architecture (all buildings in this city are amazing though) and the dull light inside (which also didn’t allow any good pictures: Sans flash! – not that many cared. Gah!) . Also the fact that the info at each piece was in both French and English. Oh and the big selection and variety. So many animals, fish and insects under the same roof, amazing. But I wasn’t too keen about how the displayed everything. I didn’t get the order always and I didn’t like how they just stuffed everything together, there was too little space for everything. Like the big whale skeleton in the entrance that you almost bump into as soon as you walk in. It felt so disrespectful against the poor, big, dead thing. And the small section with only five(!?) examples about how we human beings use the animals for our own winning.

Favourite pattern. Ooops, did I say pattern? I mean animal of course.

Boyfriends favourite section. He was more hysterical than the little French kids who were screaming: Regarde Mamon! Regarde la! Et la! Instead I heard: Did you see this? And that? Let’s go here. No there first. Wait was is that? – In Swedish of course.

That very small section about us using the animals. It was a bit ironic. And of course they had to display it with an Hermès bag. What else?

Have you been to Louisiana?

Om ni trodde att jag hade berättat färdigt om vår lilla roadtrip hade ni ack så fel. Vi hade faktiskt ett sista stopp. Inte ett litet heller. Någon som varit på Louisiana (museum i Danmark) innan? Om ja, så vet ni vilket fantastiskt museum det är. Om inte, så ska ni absolut planera in ett besök. Utan tvekan ett av de bättre jag varit på. Arkitekturen, trädgården, utsikten, utställningarna, inredningen, toaletterna, museibutiken… Så bra så bra så bra. En väldans bra slutkläm på vår resa. Förresten, jag försöker alltid lägga upp foton som är tagna av mig själv (bortsett från foton på mig själv så klart). Men här är alla utom den lila och den med mig tagna av undertecknad. I förra inlägget är de flesta tagna av mig också, men med lite hjälp av kära Emelie på några stycken! Cred ska ges när cred bör ges!

English: If you thought I had finished my story about our little road trip, oh so wrong you were my darlings. We actually had a last stop. A very good one it turned out. Anyone who have been at Louisiana (museum in Denmark) before? If yes, then you what a fabulous museum it is. If not, then you definitely need to plan a visit there. Without doubt one of the best museums I have been to. The architecture, the garden, the view, the exhibitions, the interior, the toilets, the shop… So good so good so good. A very nice ending of our trip. By the way, I always try to post photos that is taken only by myself (except pictures of myself of course). But here I’ve took everyone besides the purple one and the one with myself. In the last post, almost all of them are shot by me too, but with a little help from Emelie on some of them! Cred should be given when cred needs to be given!

Marché à Saint Germain

A tips for those of you living in Paris. There is a vintage market going on in Saint Germain, in front of the magnificent Saint Sulpice. This market is such a genuine place to stroll around in even though you don’t like vintage. The Parisians are gathered, chatting, feeling, mumbling, arguing, buying. It’s all about the old treasures. Me myself fell in love with a barber chair. Question is here would I put it. And how would I afford it? Everything was rather expensive. But hey, if you are looking for an Hermés bag, old boxing gloves in leather or maps from an ancient time, this is the place.

Coffee in the sun

Yesterday was very calm. I did things I love. Touristing and exploring my beloved Paris, shopping(!) and having a coffee in the sun with the person I love the most. I ordered a Café Creme for the first time. I usually always order Espresso (or simply un café as it is called here) but this time I thought I try something new before I soon leave Paris for the summer. But no, espresso is more my thing. We sat at the café Luxembourg, it’s the café outside Musée du Luxembourg in the gardens. Très chic in my opinion.

I will not be able to blog that much today. It’s sunny for the first time in ages so I’m gonna enjoy the sun and afterwards run to work. Tonight I am going to the theathre again with Sofia, the manuscript writer/director I told you about. She is inviting me to one of the worls most famous theathres and it’s supposed to be really good. Apparently people come from all over the world to see it. I will tell you more about both of the theathres later. This one is four hours so I will be occupied the whole night. I look so much forward to it!