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And when you are done

Forgot to tell you. When you travel to Giverny try to explore the rest of the cute little village. And when you are done, take the bus back to Vernon and check out this city too! It’s nice to come away from big Paris, all the traffic and all the tourists sometimes. Too bad though I was so fed up with photographing after the Monet gardens that I barely had any pictures from this cute little city.

It bloomed all over

Phew. Finally I am done choosing pictures for this post. Not that easy to choose between pictures from Wonderland. Also known as Giverny as some of you lovelies guessed so well. So yes, when in Paris I took one day off and went to the place I’ve longed to visit so much since I last year moved to France. Giverny and Monets gardens. Monets old, beautiful, magical home. Garden, bridges, flowers. I’ve never seen so many flowers, trees and fruits gathered in such a crowd. It bloomed all over the place.

Outside Monets estate. Cool to see his name on the wall.

Lord how I wanted to pick a pear. Don’t they look delicious?

Claude Monet loved the Japanese style.

Not THE bridge but a bridge.

The estate.

The famous water lilies.

THE bridge.

Summer Wonderland.

Tourists everywhere taking pictures of every single flower existing in the garden.

To get to Giverny you simply take the train from Gare Saint Lazare towards Rouen and go off at Vernon. From there you can either hire bikes or take the shuttle bus all the way to Giverny. The train takes forty minutes and the bus about twenty minutes. It’s really easy and hard to miss since there are so many tourists doing it. But hey, about the train tickets- be sure to get the right ones!

You see, when we bought tickets I asked for one student and one regular, both round trip. Instead I got two student tickets to Vernon and two regular back. The thing is, my boyfriend doesn’t go as student. And who checks their tickets to see if everything is correct when you are in a hurry. You do expect the sales person to give you the right tickets. Impossible to be two students on your way to the destination and then two grown ups on your way back. Who buys such tickets?

So when the stupid conductor came to check our tickets and we happily gave them to him we had no clue about the mistake. Mean while, next to us were sitting two guys who hadn’t bought any tickets at all. They had probably planned to try without since they didn’t have any cash either. When the conductor comes to them they get to buy tickets for 16 euros. The conductor doesn’t say anything. When we on the other have tickets already but mistakenly got the wrong ones, we have to pay a fee. Yupp. We did the right thing but got wrong tickets from the cashier. I mean doesn’t he get it’s not our mistake when we have round trip tickets and all? No, pay up 25€ each he says. So our fee is more expensive than the guys tickets, the ones who tried to travel without, even though we had tickets?

Well, again, a good example of the French system. I argued so much though until he had to give up finally. Ten minutes arguing where I change from really surprised, to sad, to desperate, frustrated and finally really angry. I do not get people sometimes. Nor do I ever get the French system.

A part from that, Giverny was fab!

(Photos: Ferferi/Max J.)

I just want to jump on board

An advice I have for all of you who visits Paris is to take a day strolling along Seine. The architecture varies so much along the way. The river itself is so overwhelming. And walking beyond the central parts will give you a glimpse into the Parisians daily lives and routines. There is always something going on somewhere along Seine, so you will not be bored, I can sign on that. Just look at the boat house above, how cute isn’t that? There are many boats like this on Seine, and each time I pass them I get so curious I just want to jump on board.

Cool architecture.

Funny details.

Group exercises in the public.

Hidden art.

Jogging Parisians.

A constant view of crazy bridges cutting the horizon.

Activities like singing and dancing by the river.

Modern meets ancient

Paris is not just cozy small streets and magnificent old architecture. It’s magnificent modern architecture and wide big streets too! Just like the area in the thirteenth arrondissement with the skyscrapers and the unusual bridges. Since I hadn’t been in this area much before it was on my sightseeing list before I left.

La Bibliothèque Nationale de France – four buildings designed after open books.

Love that the library buildings are totally in glass.

Glass meet wood.

Modern residential houses close by.

This picture I took for my old classmates at the university. I am sure you know which course I am thinking of?

Modern meets ancient.

Playmobil + shrimps+ sailing jackets = Smögen

If you never been to Smögen while in Sweden you must go one day. We went there with Nici to show her the typical Swedish summer. She referred to the houses as ‘playmobil houses’. Cute. It was so interesting to see everything from a ‘foreigners’ eyes. To hear her thoughts about Sweden and Gothenburg. I was thinking of perhaps doing an interview with her, how about that?

However, I wanted to share our Smögen day with you guys. Unfortunately I barely took any photos myself. Just a few one. But lucky me who got friends that are great photographers. So I asked them if I was allowed to show you some of theirs and voíla! All the photos besides the one above is shot by Alex and Daniel and edited/retouched by yours truly, me.

(I, of course, expect that everyone respects the rights of the owners of these photos, as you gently respect mine, and ask before using them.)


Vintage stores in Gothenburg

Today I fought against my health and went out to town with Nici. As a the true vintage junkie I am I took her to all these vintage stores. Love. But I didn’t buy anything. Not at least to myself. Instead I bought to small little presents for my boyfriend. Maybe I can show them to you tomorrow? I actually forgot to take a picture to show you guys. I blame the illness and dizzyness.