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En perfekt sommardag

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Jag har inte bara världens bästa killkompisar. De är så in i tusan duktiga och talangfulla också. Den här filmen till exempel. Där grymmaste Daniel klippt och klistrat ihop en kortfilm från en helt fantastisk sommardag som vår lilla kvartet spenderade tillsammans. Då vi möttes upp tidigt för en gemensam fransk frukost på stan, sedan några timmar på de bleka västkustklipporna med varsin melonskiva i handen och hopp i det salta havet, flädercider för att svalka oss i solen, grillning med rosé hos Alex och slutligen lite gitarr och sång på balkongen i solnedgången. Bästa sommaren i mitt liv.

Vet inte hur många gånger jag sett den här filmen nu. Tack Daniel för att du förevigat det. Kärlek.

Almost until my eyes started to bleed

Oooh, finally my first Paris post after the summer! Yesterday when we arrived we were both so tired that we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Why is it always so hard to get a good sleep the night before you are travelling somewhere? Is it just us?

It was too early to go to sleep and we were starving. The refrigerator was empty, obviously, so it was the pure survival instinct that forced us out for dinner. We could have chosen nearest brasserie but went further down to the cute and crowded streets of Saint Germain for some people watching at the same time. Don’t remember the name of the place but we just took something. It is hard to choose a bad restaurant in Paris (in my opinion) unless you are in a touristic area. I had the ‘Saucissons aux Lentilles’ and boyfriend had a steak with potatoes. Both dishes were really simple yet tasty, that’s what I love about French food. I liked the lentils and the sausage so much so I went and bought a package of sausages afterwards to make the same dish at home. I am surprised I never tried this before (maybe I was to busy with my duck everytime, yummie!) and more surprised no one ever recommended it. Perhaps it’s just me who likes this? I am a sucker for sausage, lentils and simple food, so it sure was a great combination. Oh damn… here I go about food again. Someone stop me!

Oh, about the people watching. Let’s talk about that instead. How I love Paris for being so diverse. I love the Swedish style a lot. Unfortunately though, all Swedes basically have that special Swedish style somehow. I don’t know how many pair of jeans shorts combined with black boots I saw this summer. Almost until my eyes started to bleed. Or checked shirts with skinny jeans. Here… it’s such a big variation. Pure candy for my eyes. I get so much inspiration here. No wonder fashionistas love this city. It’s so amusing to just sit and watch people here. I never get tired. Perhaps I should take some street style photos for you guys, how do you like that?



So here are the rest of the pictures from the lovely weekend at the countryside of Bohuslän. I think I can let the pictures speak for themselves. Cause they sum up the Swedish summer and my summer pretty well. I must say, that this must have been one of the best summers I’ve ever had. It was in every way perfect and I can’t almost believe it myself. Things in Ferferiland has never been so easy, but I feel that things are changing somehow. To have a period in my life like this when everything has just went fine is incredible. I am very grateful for that. Good relationships that got stronger, bad ones that ended finally, friends and family that took good decisions in life for themselves, a good health amongst those I love… things like this but so much more, private things, that I can’t share with the public. I knock on wood, cross my fingers and wish that this is just the beginning.

En komplett sommar

Nu har jag rensat lite bland helgens hundratals foton. Så det blir en liten uppdatering idag. Helgen som gjorde så min sommar kändes komplett. Helgen i mina epa-svärföräldrars fina stuga i Bohuslän.

English: Guys, I just have quit cleaning up in the pictures from this weekend. So updates from my lovely weekend will come today. The weekend that made my summer complete. The weekend chez my not-yet-parents-in-laws little house in beautiful province of Bohuslän.

Chez Marcus à Tjörnekalv

Trying to have the best time ever before I leave to Paris again I totally forgot to tell you about the weekend at my friends countryside. Or more; at the Swedish west coast. You know, that day I still wasn’t feeling better but decided to go anyway. And I promised you guys a healthy weekend. So I bought alcohol free beer. Which was… not okay! Really bad taste. What is the pont to buy beer that doesn’t taste beer? I am glad I only bought two. However. Besides that I had a great time. Especially since I was the only one who was sober that night and could watch everyone goofing around.

On our way with Daniels fabulous big boat we had a fast food dinner. And those who knows me know I am not a fan of this kind of food. If it even is allowed to call it food.

Off we go!

Beautiful yet very tiny island of Åstol.

We were spoiled by the hostess and the birthday child when we arrived.

They had a beautiful summer house.

The sunset was so amazing so we went down to the boat and the bridge again.

Until it was time for dinner. Barbecue!

Afterwards, some Ipad-gaming.

Then the dancing and goofing started…

The host showed us the way…

… and everything started to get blurry for all of us. So I stop here. A bientôt!

Playmobil + shrimps+ sailing jackets = Smögen

If you never been to Smögen while in Sweden you must go one day. We went there with Nici to show her the typical Swedish summer. She referred to the houses as ‘playmobil houses’. Cute. It was so interesting to see everything from a ‘foreigners’ eyes. To hear her thoughts about Sweden and Gothenburg. I was thinking of perhaps doing an interview with her, how about that?

However, I wanted to share our Smögen day with you guys. Unfortunately I barely took any photos myself. Just a few one. But lucky me who got friends that are great photographers. So I asked them if I was allowed to show you some of theirs and voíla! All the photos besides the one above is shot by Alex and Daniel and edited/retouched by yours truly, me.

(I, of course, expect that everyone respects the rights of the owners of these photos, as you gently respect mine, and ask before using them.)



Something Nici really wanted to try on was taking the boat out for some fishing. We got lucky with the weather so of course we had to take her out. And of course we got some fish. Jellyfish. Oh lord it must be a record this summer. I’ve never seen this much jellyfish during one summer before. Besides that, I think this must have been one of the best summers ever.


After the vintage tour we met up the guys at Liseberg (Sweden’s largest amusement park) to play some pentathlon. We chose one game each and got started and it was great fun! Although I felt a bit old, when did I change rollercoasters to games? But no, I will go back again soon to concentrate only on the rollercoasters. Even though I really enjoy just gaming. Especially when it comes to guns and shooting. Oh yeah, Alex won. That bastard.