Today its me…Nici

So here I am guys. Nici in Sweden. It’s the first time that I come here and I’ve been excited and looking forward for weeks. Not only to meet my friend Athi, which I missed so much, also to see beautiful Sweden. After a long travel I arrived yeasterday evening and Athi and Max where so nice to pick me up from the airport. After that they took me for a short ride through Göteborg (how we call it in Germany). The rest of the evening was spend on the balcony with wine, cigarettes, good talks and laughter. Ach, how happy I am to be here and how much I like Athi! And guys I can tell you Max and Athi have a wonderful home and are great, great hosts. I’ve already been spoiled with a nice Swedish breakfast and I feel that was not the end…

Now I have to pack my bags because we will go to the countryside with Alex and Daniel, which I also look forward to meet. So hurry up girl….I feel an amazing time is waiting for me :)

Nici is coming!

Ciao mes belles!

Oh I am so excited! In forty minutes my dear Nici arrives to Gothenburg to visit me. I have missed her so much and I can’t wait until she is here. We will have sooo much fun. Now, heading to the airport. See you guys soon!


My little red dress

Yesterday on our five and a half year anniversary I wore one my favourite dresses. This red one. I love it because of it’s simplicity with the small details (not visible in the video) around the neckline and the black zipper in the back. I paired it with my silver pumps that I love. I usually love to throw a lot of jewelries and mix up with all kind of patterns and materials. So it’s a challenge to try to keep it this simple. Now, watch the video to see what I am talking about.

Update: Don’t forget to choose HD down in the right corner for a better quality!

[youtubeplay id="G7nT7vAgv48" width="720" height="580"]

Throwing away money

Today’s I-think-I-am-getting-old-and-grumpy-thought: Why on earth are these kids throwing money into the ocean? Couldn’t they go and get some stones instead as we did when we were younger? (notice youngER, not young) Or is that the ‘new thing’ and I just don’t get it cause I am about ten years older?

Five and a half years

Today we celebrated five and a half years together. Hence my absence. And yes, we are that goofy, we count every month. Still after five years. Cause it’s like a wonderful victory each day that passes by. That we won each other. That I still have butterflies in my stomache each time I haven’t been around him and see him again. That I know it’s us.


This whole thing about having a vacation. Not that easy I must say. I try to convince myself to rest. And let it go. But damn how hard it is to just be. Doing nothing. Every night I go to bed I am so filled with anxiety cause I feel I lost another day because I didn’t work. Or study. Or read more. Just because I only cooked. Met my friends. Went to the beach. Had a coffee in town. Or just simply stayed home and watched movies all day long. Why is it so hard to relax? I read the news everyday and I see all this success. People who started this great company. Or won a talent contests. Or got their dream job. And it stresses me up. Cause I don’t have that success. Yet. I am just sitting here. Trying my best to not doing anything at all right now. To let both body and soul rest. But I am so bad at that. I simply don’t know how to make that function. How much I try to convince myself that I need this. Instead my mind is full of ideas and hopes that got mixed with a big doze of stress and anxiety.

How do you do people?


Bränna mig har jag aldrig gjort. Av solen alltså. Så det är jag oerhört tacksam för. Men två timmar i solen idag gav mig eksem över hela dekolletaget. I slutet på juli och allt. Ja men tack. Så det är tydligen det jag får. Istället för att bränna mig alltså. För nu är det andra gången jag får det. Inte den här sommaren, utan någonsin. Okej, ska nog inte klaga. Men sjukt surt bara att jag ser ut som en apelsin från hakan ner till brösten nu. Kliar gör det också.

Jamie Oliver does Stockholm

Lovelies! You have to watch and listen to this little clip with Jamie Oliver when he does Stockholm! He passionately talks about our traditions, what we eat, what we do and just praises Sweden a lot. Click HERE to see it. There are a lot of beautiful images of Sweden so make sure you watch it while you listen to his voice.

”But dont try to keep with their drinking, cause they are hardcore” - Jamie Oliver about Swedes.