Where on earth?

Aren’t I the best blogger ever? See how I scheduled another post for my dear readers? Me, Nici and David yummieing on each Macaroon. My last Macaroon and oh dear how I enjoyed it! That Pomme Verte has become a new favourite of mine. Ladurée, what can I say. Delicieux. Now, sweethearts, you have to tell me. Where on earth can I find Macaroons in Gothenburg?

I call this a slip.

Hey sweeties,

I am now on my way to Sweden again. This post has been scheduled.

Saying my goodbyes to some people here was much harder than I thought. Yesterday night  I had an awful nightmare about one of those I care for the most here in Paris. That he died. I was going to meet him the day after to say goodbye, so I guess that was the reason. It was one of those nightmares that leaves a track on you the rest of the day, you know which ones I mean? My heart is heavy. As it has been the past days. These fantastic people, each of them unique in their way. I wish I could bring them with me. They’ve each put a personal print on me. Some will have a place in my heart for a long time.

Sorry about the angry and sad post recently. I simply couldn’t write about happiness when all I right now want to do is to go back and hug everyone I said goodbye to and tell them it was just a joke. A bad joke. I hate goodbyes. Oh well who doesn’t? After a boring experience in my childhood I’ve promised myself to not feel again during goodbyes. Usually I shut my feelings down during moments like this. Sad moment. Difficult moments. Or whatever bad moment it might be. This time I told myself to be honest with myself. I am not sure I liked that decision. It will probably not happen again. I call this a slip.

However. Gothenburg is waiting for me. Let’s look forward. After all, Paris is still there and my friends too. Let’s just hope that nightmare was a one time thing.

Throw up

Oh shit… six o’clock in the morning and I barely slept anything. Flight nights – Does anyone get a good sleep the night before traveling? I think I maximum slept for one hour and a half, and that very lightly. So now, all I want to do is to throw up. Sorry for the too much information. But you know that feeling of tiredness don’t you?

On y va.

Simple, tasty and perfect

Something I really adjust myself well into is the oh-so-French Apéro. The time between work and dinner where you go to your local/favourite place for what we call it in English; a cocktail hour. Though, they rarely order cocktails. They barely mix at all actually. Yet. Unless it’s a Kir – white wine and cassis juice. Which is also a favourite of mine. The apéro is the best way to just lie back, watch people passing by, chatting with the other guests whom you by know probably know and just relax. Taking a time off. Although I don’t work right now I still like to company the Parisians at this hour. One of the best moments of the day. And if it’s not Kir from now and then it’s almost always a Martini Blanc that I order. Simple, tasty and perfect.

I will try to take this routine with me to Sweden. Anyone who’d like to join?

Minnie Mouse in Paris

Yesterday with my neck still wrapped in that scarf. I looked like a robot each time I had to move another direction but straight. And you see my red shoes? How I missed my red little Minnie Mouse shoes with the bow on the toes. The whole outfit was sort of inspired by that cute mouse.

All I can do is just wait and see

I feel rather shitty right now. I am afraid to get robbed on a lot, lot of money and nothing is quite sure yet. The power is not in my hands. All I can do is just wait and see.

I will tell you all about it when it’s over. Can’t say much now. All I can say is that the French system is taking all the energy I’ve got. I wish I was a baby and could just cry through all of it. Instead I will have to fight for everything constantly. Don’t get why things can’t be easy here. They do anything to make you just surrender.

I know money comes and goes, but in these huge amounts, I just can’t let them go. We have done all we could and thought was right. Still I am here and might be paying for something that wasn’t my fault.

This week have been a constant fight against the system. Closing everything down wasn’t as easy as I thought. Or did I really think it would be easy? I think I just thought it wouldn’t be this difficult. It’s difficult as hell.

So please help me out

Okay guys. I have such a hard time to decide about this trench coat I bought. I don’t know whether to keep it or not and have been discussing back and forth with boyfriend about it. So I thought, I have you! Why not ask my readers about it, cause we can’t make up our minds here. Wrong I can’t make up my mind. Boyfriend thinks it’s a keeper. You might wonder why I bought it from the beginning now, since I am so unsure I mean. But the thing is. I really like it, it’s just the colour. I was searching for something much lighter. More beige. This is rather camel than beige. And yes, it’s the perfectionist in me judging… and I have to decide before Monday. So please help me out. Keeper? or not?

I mean, of course I had to buy them.

A close up on the seventh pair. Now, I know I didn’t show number five and six but they were not that exciting. Daily life shoes. Alright I’ll show you anyway. So yeah, this was the seventh pair however. I bought them vintage. Can you believe that? They are fierce. They rock. With those pointy toes that are becoming trendy again and that I missed. Even though I have continued using pointy toes now and then, trying to ignore the question mark-eyes from the fashionistas in Sweden. For oh dear if you use the ‘wrong’ items sometimes. So, with pointy toes becoming trendy again, although slowly, perhaps I will be safe from those eyes for a while. Back to the shoes. What I like especially about these pumps are the reflecting part on the platforms. Reflects the ground and giving an illusion of being taller. Reminds me of the product (interior) me and a friend designed for our bachelor thesis last year.

I guess you now understand. Me, walking into this thrift store were every item is a bargain. Have been buying six pairs of shoes the day before, so aware of avoiding the shoe racks. Looking for something totally different. Glancing quickly in the big wooden box with piles of shoes. Seeing these, shining at me. Checking the size and discover it’s correct. Trying them on and realize they are really comfortable. And a bargain. And cool. Fitting my feet perfectly. The perfect pumps.  I mean, of course I had to buy them. Hadn’t you?