Photo shoot avec Aida encore

Here are some of my favourites from todays shoot. This time we went for something more edgy than last time. Whilst the first shoot was more soft and natural this one became more attitudal and colourful. It was a challenge for me to do her sixties inspired make up and find nice clothes and hair style that could go with it. With Aidas looks though I think we could have gone with anything. Thanks for today cherie!

Model: Aida

Styling/ Hair/ Make up/ Photo: Ferferi

18 reaktion på “Photo shoot avec Aida encore”

  1. Wow great job girl! you have so many talents =) really well done. and your frnd is also so beautiful and she has a very nice profile.

  2. Sepideh: Thanks sweety! Haha many talents you say! I wish I knew what they were. Lol! But Aida sure is really beautiful. Her profile is amazing. I actually have been thinking the same many times!

  3. Dena: Azizam, thank you. You are always so generous with your words. My gorgeous model is my dear friend Aida, also a great singer. An uprising star I always said.

  4. Ferferi( min Atefeh) ,i`m very *deltang* shoma and miss you too much, Norooz mobarak


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